Opinion: Speak Out On Racism in 2020.(Part 1)

A couple of writers were asked for their opinion in relation to the first post concerning this topic.

Ayebare Solomon

A student at Makerere University in Uganda and blogger at solomonwrites

has this to say;

I don’t have views. I just have questions for the world. Over the last around 200+ years, we’ve been fighting racism but it’s 2020 and racism is still alive and kicking. Songs have been sung, poems have been written, matches of solidarity have been played, statues have been made and beautiful speeches have been given. But why do we still have that barbaric vice around? Is there anything we’re still doing wrong? Were all those things being done just for formality to make the world seem good yet it’s even not? To me, color is something physical and visible. It’s seen and it presents a so evident difference between races. Hence, all the things that were done in the past and are still being done now can do nothing in changing one’s color.

Of course, they were and are being done to change one’s heart and inner perception about races; just to make one accept the fact that we’re all human. Considering the fact that racism is still around, it goes on to emphasize how hard or even impossible it is to change one’s character and thinking. A racist (whether black or white) is a racist. At some point, you could even think it’s a choice to be racist. Then at another point, you could think it’s even taught and instilled in the minds of kids as they grow; ever wondered why babies aren’t racist? The question of character is what makes this whole concept complex. Even if a white man woke up one day and made a speech despising racism, you wouldn’t know whether he’s being sincere or not because character is invisible.

Another thing that has facilitated this horrible act is the fact that to an appreciable degree, blacks are still inferior to whites; look at how they’re treated and welcomed in African countries. And in my own opinion, this should stop. I think if Africans and/or blacks showed that they’re so independent, maybe it could sprinkle some positivity in this anti-racism agenda. Blacks also lack solidarity. Some black Americans actually despise Africans with a pretext that these Africans are still backward and this is bad. I could call it divide and rule.

That said, I think the fight against racism depends so much on Blacks appreciating that they are one, and so much alone in this fight. I’m not suggesting that all whites are racist. What I’m trying to say is that Blacks should stop taking in everything as if it were the gospel.

Solomon Ayebare

They should fight racism with a mindset of “we’re fighting this alone. We’re changing the world alone. It’s us and only us under attack and threats”. This mindset will create a sense of oneness and independence because I feel that’s what has been lacking for the past centuries.


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