$800 Billion Debt to be left by Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Uhuru Kenyatta The Kenyan national debt is projected to increase by Sh750 billion in the next 10 months. That is Sh2.6 billion a day. At this rate, parliament budget experts estimate that, by 2022 when President Uhuru Kenyatta leaves office, the debt could hit Sh9.2 trillion — more than three times the total annual budget.... Continue Reading →

Remembering Bai Bureh: Sierra Leone’s Greatest Hero Who Held Off British Control For Months In 1898

You can thank Bai Bureh for Sierra Leone’s independence as the fight for freedom largely started with his 1898 uprising against British rule. His nickname Kebalai, which means “one who never tires of war,” is visible in the many months he held off a highly trained, well-equipped British force in 1898 in guerilla warfare. With…Remembering... Continue Reading →

The Ugandan Cuisine.

Posho Luwombo "Rolex" One of the most unique things about Africa is the different cuisines and today, the Ugandan cuisine shall be discussed. In Uganda, they call it Posho, South Africans call it pap and in Kenya and Tanzania it is called Ugali!! The preparation differs in Africa some cultures prefer with stew ! Others... Continue Reading →

UN Peacekeepers killed in Mali

UN Peacekeepers killed in Mali UN Peacekeepers Killed in North of Mali The BBC reports that two United Nations peacekeepers have been killed in Mali  on Saturday in an attack on a convoy in the north of the country. The vehicles had stopped while travelling from Tessalit to Gao on Saturday when unidentified gunmen opened…UN... Continue Reading →

The Gambia, the weirdest shaped country in the world

Africa is anything but normal. This continent is full of excitement. There’s always something new to see, an interesting fact to amaze yourself with, and unique places to discover. There’s not a lot of room for these nations, especially in Eco-tourism.The Gambia, the weirdest shaped country in the world

8 New Ways to Experience East Africa from your Couch!

Happy Africa Day! Yes, we’re still staying in because of the pandemic, but don’t let that stop you from learning about the beauty of the world from your couch. Welcome to East Africa! 8 New Ways to Experience East Africa from your Couch! — Kabi Travels8 New Ways to Experience East Africa from your Couch!

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