The Ugandan Cuisine.


One of the most unique things about Africa is the different cuisines and today, the Ugandan cuisine shall be discussed.

In Uganda, they call it Posho, South Africans call it pap and in Kenya and Tanzania it is called Ugali!! The preparation differs in Africa some cultures prefer with stew ! Others prepare to take without stew, like the kikuuyu in Kenya! In Uganda, various stews are eaten with it such as groundnut stew, chicken soup or beans too!

Luwombo is a chicken or beef stew prepared in steamed banana leaves. It is mainly made by the Baganda in Central Uganda and is mainly eaten with Matooke.

The “rolex” is a popular street food or snack that is enjoyed by a lot of people in Uganda. Many actually say it is one of the things that just would not taste the same when made at home. It needs to be “from the street.”

Some of the jokes made by the Ugandan community on Twitter.

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