Opinion: About Racism in 2020

Mirembe Ferrister, a blogger at sweet_treats My views on anti-blackness or racism Honestly I thought we were done with most injustices. But funnily in a world where we claim to be advanced and more self-reliable, we have the worst democratic systems, corruption is our daily bread, people are still paid less compared to what they... Continue Reading →

Opinion: The talk about Racism in 2020.(Part 2)

George Leone Okello A photographer and one of the brains behind The Photography Marathon states; I do not like racism at all, in all its facets. I’m an equalist, so whether its race, gender, age or religion, i believe that we should never mistreat another because of a difference. It abhors me that humans will... Continue Reading →

Speak Out on Racism.

Lately the world has been really toxic. You log in to Twitter and feel physically sick as to the state of affairs. Racism has always been a part of the world ever since the European age of white imperialism in the 19th Century. However, after the tragic death of George Floyd in the USA, it... Continue Reading →

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