Opinion: The talk about Racism in 2020.(Part 2)

George Leone Okello

A photographer and one of the brains behind The Photography Marathon states;

I do not like racism at all, in all its facets. I’m an equalist, so whether its race, gender, age or religion, i believe that we should never mistreat another because of a difference. It abhors me that humans will hate each other over the colour of their skin or where they came from. But just not liking it isnt enough.

It’s never enough to not be racist, we have to be anti-racist.

George Leone Okello.

Humanity has to stand together and not try to perpetuate the cycle of hate but that does not mean that we should be docile either. A black man on top of wanting equality for his race sjould not teach that the enemy is the other race, but the hate that particular humans have towards others and make progressive steps to stamp it out as well as plead for equality for other races and for genders and for religions too. If we are talking about equality then it has to be on all fronts…and we should start with our homes first.

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