Opinion: About Racism in 2020

Mirembe Ferrister, a blogger at sweet_treats

My views on anti-blackness or racism

Honestly I thought we were done with most injustices. But funnily in a world where we claim to be advanced and more self-reliable, we have the worst democratic systems, corruption is our daily bread, people are still paid less compared to what they put in, the gender wars are still on the rise and the people that are meant to protect us on various levels in the society are the ones killing us.

At a time like this where we have black self-made billionaires, entrepreneurs, creatives, musicians and actors, you’d think we had won the war against racism. Besides, we are trying to be better than the stereotype negro term and characters that they tainted on us.

Racism is equivalent to bullying. One party always feels superior and definitely the other party is pushed down. we dealt with Jesus being a white and the devils is black, video game characters were white and the blacks were the slaves, the fairy tale books only comprised of little white people whereas the toys only had a pale white tone aka the white. We stayed calm and took on their cultures. We studied in their schools, we studied their history, we took up their way of dressing, their foods, their medicine. All this we did with hopes of fitting in and living in harmony.

I am glad we have the media despite of the tension, we get to see what is going on, to show people the injustices done. And I honestly cannot blame the people that stood on the sidelines ad recorded the ongoing injustice. They are strong to hold the camera and scream but they too were scared. We are living in an unpredictable world, we are worried for our lives too because we have families, friends and other people that we love. So them taking out a camera was their way of fighting back. “SPREAD THE WORD AND GET THE REACTION”. But I would like to question the police men on the sidelines, how did it feel standing beside a colleague while the victim on the ground was screaming that he could not breathe. Despite the solidarity, how could you bottle this in, keep calm and firm protecting your colleague.

We need to dismantle such systems and mindsets. Mindsets that black men ae subhuman or rather that we are more of beasts due to our nature. People have written books, sang songs, people have screamed and shouted and you decide to mimic and taunt us with what you consider as privilege. The effect of racism is massive and uncontainable. The fear spreads to our children who have no fault in this. They do not see a better future; they are not hopeful. Children are now aware of the sadness and the deaths. The kind of death that happens because they are black. Now how are we supposed to tell them to believe in themselves or to tell them that they are beautiful. Now you tell me if you are proud. Tell me if it is okay that our children are now scared of going out. Tell me if you actually love to see them cry. Tell me if you think it is funny that they have lost their brothers and sisters. Tell me if it is okay that our children are now numb to the gun powder and the gunshot noise. Tell me if they’ll ever find love for your children.

Sometimes we forget that the children or the children of our children and yours too will definitely pay the price.

Mirembe Ferrister

As the killers sit at home and watch television or as they smile in a more comfortable prison cell laughing with the guards, tell me if you are proud of the fires and the looting. Tell me if you are proud of the hate, are these the values you are teaching your children too. How does your soul rest knowing that the” white JESUS” is coming on judgement day to judge your actions?

So now you tell me; Does God have black angels or are you scared of the fact that He might be black!!!

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