New York bans New Year’s crowds with virtual celebrations.

Times Square, New York. The iconic Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite being a few months away, Times Square Alliance President Tim Tompkins revealed the celebration would turn virtual with no large crowds gathering in New York City’s epicenter. For the first time in 114 years, the... Continue Reading →

How to travel responsibly in the remaining months of 2020.

Goa, India Thousands of people, couples and families put travel plans on pause because of the novel virus COVID-19. As the travel industry in some countries is reopening and favorite tourist spots are welcoming guests, people are making vacation plans that keep safety and responsibility top of mind. If you’re ready to travel again, it’s... Continue Reading →

The Ugandan Cuisine.

Posho Luwombo "Rolex" One of the most unique things about Africa is the different cuisines and today, the Ugandan cuisine shall be discussed. In Uganda, they call it Posho, South Africans call it pap and in Kenya and Tanzania it is called Ugali!! The preparation differs in Africa some cultures prefer with stew ! Others... Continue Reading →

8 New Ways to Experience East Africa from your Couch!

Happy Africa Day! Yes, we’re still staying in because of the pandemic, but don’t let that stop you from learning about the beauty of the world from your couch. Welcome to East Africa! 8 New Ways to Experience East Africa from your Couch! — Kabi Travels8 New Ways to Experience East Africa from your Couch!

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